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Welcome to the Silverfern Maine Coon Cattery

Our cats are fully integrated family members and mainly our pets. We occasionally have kittens available that we have bred from selected lines. Our kittens are born in our bedroom and raised lovingly at our home and receive luxury treatment from the day they’re born.
We’re grateful to have these lovely creatures share in and enrich our lives, we couldn’t imagine being without them anymore.

Breeding Maine Coons is our passion and our beloved hobby that we spend a lot of time and money on. Against common belief, breeding pedigree cats is not about letting our cats breed, in fact, it takes much careful consideration, a lot of planning and can be a rather (emotionally) intense, time-consuming and expensive hobby, but it is also very rewarding and simply delightful when everything goes well!

Our cats are regularly examined by our veterinarian Andre Hess and his team. We test for HCM, PKdef and SMA and our cardiologist, Dr. Stefan Miedler, from Spain conducts heart and kidney scans to ensure only 100% healthy cats are admitted for breeding and thereby reduce the risk for hereditary cardiomyopathy and the kidney disease PKD.

We aim to breed Maine Coons that are true to type and will never be mistaken for anything else other than a Maine Coon!
This, of course, includes great temperament! We spend a lot of time with our cats and our kittens are exceptionally well-socialised.
Cats of great type with wild look and gentle nature are our passion and goal to breed!

We’re registered with TICA and FIFe.

Breeding Maine Coon cats requires a tremendous amount of knowledge. We’re in the lucky position to have a couple of very experienced breeder friends who are willing to pass on their knowledge and share their expertise, which they have gained over many years of breeding Maine Coon cats. We’re very happy about the regular exchange of experiences with fellow breeders! Without breeder friendships and a lot of cooperation, successful breeding would be next to impossible and only half as much fun, so thank you to those who have been giving us their support!
We would like to acknowledge and say thank you to those breeder friends who have trusted us with one of their babies – we have made some great friends through this hobby who have become very dear to us!

A very special thank you goes to our dear friends Carol and Simon in Kent who have become an integral part of our mission. Our cats live across two households to insure best care and attention.
We’d also like to thank our vet team at Animalism for their ongoing support.
And finally, a big thank you also to all our kitten owners who have given our babies fantastic homes and who keep in touch with us with pictures and updates!

  Silverfern Maine Coons, UK                                               

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