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CH Millennium-Volgo-Don-Coon


Millennium joined us from Russia a few years ago and has been our main stud boy for quite some time. He's exceeded all expectations by far!

Quite frequently we're utterly amazed at the size of his kittens, their incredible boning and their amazing coat! Millennium is "odd-eyed", meaning he has a green and a blue eye which makes his face super interesting to look at. He's XXL himself, very strong and muscular with a huge head! Despite his impressive appearance, Millennium is a typical "gentle giant", a very loving and intelligent cat! 
Thank you, dear Viktoria, for this treasure! We're eternally grateful! 

Terra Di Azeban Catch The Fox


A few years ago we met a lovely young lady who we sold a male kitten to as her future stud boy. About a year later, this boy produced a kitten that I literally fell in love with at first sight from a photo: it was our beloved Fox! Fox is really exceptional! What is most striking about him is his wild expression and his incredibly strong chin that he sports with a correct bite! He's large but has the most gentle nature and his first kittens have turned out to be just as beautiful with super size and magnificent coat at a young age.

Thank you, dear Valentina, for entrusting us with this jewel! He's one of a kind and I'm so happy to have him as a member of the Silverfern family!

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