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“Dear Pamela and Mark,
We just wanted to say thank you so much for Chewbacca.  Chewy settled in from the moment he arrived in our home, full of confidence but also so very loving, he is simply adorable.  His loving nature and character are testament to the time, love and care you give to all your cats and kittens. We couldn’t ask for anymore, he is a credit to your breeding.”

Rachel & Dave Beer
(Ocean Blue aka Chewbacca)


“Elvis settled in really quickly and claimed prime position on my bed. The hissing at the dog stopped very quickly,  he’s not bothered anymore and has found a playmate in our British Shorthair boy. Elvis is into absolutely everything and we’re besotted with him!
Thank you for our fabulous, bomb proof kitten!!”

(Reach For The Stars aka Elvis)


“We love our two Silverferns and their nature is a true credit to their breeder!”

Tina & Matthew, London
(Goldfinger & Iridescence)


“We got in contact with Pamela and Mark at Silverfern when looking for a new feline friend (or two). After talking to Pamela it was clear that she cared very deeply about her cats and the homes that they went to. It was really good for us to feel like we were talking to two people who were even more crazy about Maine Coons then we were.
We had regular photo updates of our kittens, and could pop over and see them whenever we wanted to.
Now we have them, they are the most friendly cats I have ever seen. Such wonderful temperaments and really striking looks.
We wouldn’t even think about going to another breeder when we expand our family!”

Luke & Ruth, London
(Illuminati & Indiana)


“Dear Pamela and Mark, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the two beautiful treasures you entrusted us with. They both have a super temperament, fantastic looks and I want to kiss them dizzy all day long. I would be delighted to welcome one or the other additional Silverfern baby to our home. Thank you so much for everything! Much love, Tanja xxx”

Tanja, Firedevil Maine Coons, Germany,
(Ex Fide Fortis & Jumpin’ Jack Flash)


“We fell in love with Maine Coons over 10 years ago, and after experiencing a Maine Coon, no other cat matches up. Last year, we discovered Silverfern Maine Coons with a recent addition to our family.
Having trawled the entire country for several months to find the best colours, type and character, Silverfern kittens are, without a doubt, a cut above anything else we saw. Our new baby is the most affectionate, friendly, playful, big and beautiful kitten. She loves everyone and everything which is testament to both the wonderful handling and socialising from an early age and the best of the best breeding at Silverfern. Now, we’re not only dedicated to always having Maine Coons, but to always having Silverfern Maine Coon.”

Jodie & Lyndon,


“Keen to get a Maine Coon, we did some research to find a reputable breeder and decided to visit the Silverfern cattery.
When we got there, what immediately struck us was the passion of the owners – their dedication to their cats’ welfare, the amount of thought they put into nutrition and the fact that the cats are all treated as members of the family instead of being kept in a separate area.
We ended up getting not one but two kittens from Silverfern – brother and sister – who turned out to be splendidly adjusted right from the moment they arrived – a credit to the environment in which they were brought up for the first few months of their lives.
So, Thank you again for your passion, Pamela & Mark – it still shines through each time we ask for advice on how to best care for Huffle and Honey.”

Frederic & Severa,
(Honeydukes & Hufflepuff)


“We went there and wanted one kitten as an addition to our boy and ended up with two. When you see them, you will want them all! Thank you both so much for our lovely treasures!”

Helen & Mark, Surrey
(Bradley & Be My Lucky Charm)


“Silverfern’s Heir Of Hogwarts is our wonderful, purring import from England. He conquered everyone’s heart with his loving and outgoing temperament in no time and got along with his new Coonie-mates straight away. He’s a lively young boy, loves to run and play, and sneaks in the odd bit of naughtiness as well. His cuddly nature captivated me immediately, he just knew how to wrap me around his big paw(s) right from the start and his looks make my heart jump. Thank you so much for entrusting me with this wonderful boy!”

Anica, Night And Eclipse Maine Coon Cattery, Germany


“We got our Maine Coon in June 2014 from Silverfern and are very happy.  The love and care they show for their cats is very apparent and what particularly stood out to us is how they are treated like members of the family, having free reign of the house and not being assigned to certain areas.  We had a lot of questions to ask, particularly about health as we had previously lost a maine coon at 18months old from a different breeder and Pam and Mark answered these with ease.  When we brought Layla home, what surprised us was how she quickly and confidently she settled in and after a few weeks our resident Birman warmed to her (they now play together and wash each other).  Since having Layla, Pam has made the effort to keep in touch and she has always been on hand to answer any of our questions and we have continued to send her photographs.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Silverfern Maine Coons.”

Katy and Andy, Bournemouth


“Thank you Pamela and Mark for my wonderful Silverfern’s  Hermione Granger . While waiting for a boy I saw her. Hemione blew me away with her type and beauty. Her temperament is fantastic ! She’s so loving and gets on great with my other cats . Her health has been great since the day she arrived and she’s growing into such a stunning adult, just like her mum . Thank you Pamela for trusting me with this lovely girl and so look forward to another Silverfern  kitten. You are great and genuine breeders. Love Pat Roger & Hermione  xxx”

Pat & Roger Lister at Coonaria Maine Coons

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