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Silverfern's Gold Rush

"Goldie" is a home-bred girl who was born as the only red female in a litter of 7 kittens. Very soon it became apparent that she was simply striking: we're totally in love with her head and her clear, beautiful profile and her strong, long body! She has a very sweet and sensitive nature and has just had her first litter of kittens where she turned out to be a wonderful mum, too!

Gandalf Ludique Esprit


People who know us, also know that we have a soft spot for solid cats (no tabby pattern in their coat), in particular for black and whites, with a lot of white and asymmetrical markings. Under such a colour there are no lies to be told and only an exceptionally "typey" cats will wear this colour well! And - oh my word, our Gandalf - doesn't he just do that? When I saw him, I was smitten immediately! This boy has the ultimate wow factor and everything one wants in a Maine Coon: great size, long rectangular body, heavy boning, super head with fantastic profile, strong chin, large ears, fabulous expression and a long and shaggy coat in black smoke with white.
We cannot wait to see his first kittens!

Silverfern Fifty Shades of Grey

IMG_2676 (1).JPG

Our Fifty Shades of Grey aka "Squid" is the son of RW Silverfern Vipera Lebetina JW and Silverfern's Naughty By Nature. To us, there's not much to say about this boy as he simply has it all: the body, the boning, a wonderful head with large, high set ears, a beautiful expression, super profile and fabulous coat!

He has just sired his first kittens and we're more than pleased with them!

X-Tigra by Crystal Amulet

IMG_4286 (1).JPG

Wild, wild, wild! What a look - this is how we like it is all I can say! 

Her type and expression blew us away from the moment we saw her and we're thrilled to this magnificent girl with her wild expression as part of our breeding programme. 

Thank you  dear Anastasiia for this fabulous girl!

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