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What is a Maine Coon?

The Maine Coon originates from the U.S. American state Maine. The legend says that it stems from a crossing between domestic cats and racoons as their tails are somewhat similar. The true part of the story is that the Maine Coon was America’s wild cat, well-adjusted to the cold climate with a warming undercoat and a weatherproof topcoat.

Maine Coons have a shaggy, all weather coat, a long, broad rectangular body with long and bushy tail. The head is broad with fierce facial expression. The ears are placed high on the head, are large and decorated with lynx tips. The profile should show a change in direction with a round forehead, the muzzle is square and box-like with strong, deep chin and is different to the profile of the Siberian and the Norwegian Forest cat.

Maine Coons are slow developers and can grow until they’re four or five years of age. The females can get up to 6kg (+), the males over 10kg.

Maine Coons are a relatively quiet but very affectionate and entertaining breed. They love their human company without being high maintenance. Their personality and appearance is simply amazing!

If you find this breed as fascinating as we do and would like to express you interest in a kitten from us, please get in touch!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Silverfern Team

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